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      1. What is next for Anthem

        Hello Freelancers, We’re nearing the end of the Cataclysm, so I wanted to talk about what’s coming for Anthem. First, I’m proud of our team for creating a fun new experience for our players. It represents the largest post-launch update that we’ve delivered so far. We were humbly excited by the increase in player engagement … Continue reading "What is next for Anthem"

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        September Update

        Humans! It’s been a super busy summer at the studio, but I wanted to get a note out to share some of the things we’ve been up to. Anthem Over the last few weeks we’ve been ramping up our Cataclysm events in Anthem – a season-long event with new arenas, enemies, challenges, and rewards.  We … Continue reading "September Update"

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        Anthem Game Development

        We’d like to take a moment to address an article published this morning about BioWare, and Anthem’s development. First and foremost, we wholeheartedly stand behind every current and former member of our team that worked on the game, including leadership. It takes a massive amount of effort, energy and dedication to make any game, and … Continue reading "Anthem Game Development"

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        Anthem – Post Launch Update

        Whew.? How’s everyone doing out there?? It’s been a wild ride these last few weeks.? On the one hand it’s been a rougher launch than expected.? But then as I think back we also knew that big new online games tend to hit some kind of problem once they go live, so as much as … Continue reading "Anthem – Post Launch Update"

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        Anthem – our Live Service begins

        Hello again Anthem Community! Today’s world-wide launch marks a big milestone for Anthem. Here at BioWare, we’re excited, and at the same time a little anxious. Coming off our Early Access period, we understand that we have lots of work ahead of us to continue to improve the game. As a Live Service team, a … Continue reading "Anthem – our Live Service begins"

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